Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simon Bolivar

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Simon Bolivar

Just as George Washington is honoured as the Father of the Nation in the United States,the name of Simon Bolivar is linked with freedom in South America. Simon Bolivar was born in Venezuela in 1783. Simon Bolivar was born into a rich family. His parents had come from Spain and had settled down in Venezuela,but they died when he was a child.Simon Bolivar was taught at home by tutors, and he remembered one of them particularly all his life. The tutor's name was Rodriguez. Rodriguez gave Simon Bolivar many books to read, but the most important books were about freedom. Simon Bolivar had many talks with his teacher about freedom.
' If others in the worlds are free,' asked Simon Bolivar 'what about us?'
'The people of Venezuela will never be free,' said Rodriguez.
'Why not?' asked Simon Bolivar.
'Because of the Spaniards,' replied his teacher.'Spain rules us cruelly. They think that we are people of the devil and that they have been created by God. They take our riches and give us nothing in return.Who knows when we shall be liberated from their rule?'
'What does liberated mean?' askledSimon Bolivar
'It means free,' said his tutor. 'Free to rule ourselves'
'When I grow up .' said Simon Bolivar, 'I shall do nothing else expect work for that freedom' 

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