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maryam mother of isa

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maryam mother of isa

The mother of Prophet Isa (AS) was maryam whose father was called Imran and her other was called Hannah. Allah chose Imran and his family for his special blessings. maryam grew up to be a very pious and spiritual woman under the guardianship of Hazrat Zakaria (AS) who taught her of the one God…..Allah.

She spent most of her time praying in her room and devoting herself to the service of Allah. Her piety was so great that even elders respected her and took inspiration from her. The people around her knew very little of the divine truth but instead involved themselves in all kind of magic, superstition and cultural practices. The good teachings of Hazrat Musa were being twisted by the priests who were fighting amongst themselves on meaningless issues.

Most of them did not lead pious lives. Therefore, the people were losing respect for them as well as for the religion. Muslim was very upset with the overall condition of the people and would spend most of her time praying in her room and devoting herself to the service of Allah.  

how was jesus

how was jesus born ? It's very interesting and expression power of God . One day, when maryam went out of her room, she saw a man approaching her, she became nervous and terrified and immediately called out Allah’s name to protect her from the stranger. Little did she realize who the stranger was! The stranger was Hazrat Jibrail (AS), Allah’s angel, who answered,

  ‘Do not fear, I’m only a messenger from your Lord to inform you about the wonderful gift of a pure son. His name will be Isa, son of Marium. He will be given honor in this world and will be in the company of those nearest to Allah in the next world.’
As the time for the birth of her son came close, Marium packed up her few belongings and retreated to a remote and secluded place. There, she was alone, afraid and weak with hunger and thirst and crying lying under a palm tree. Then suddenly, she heard a voice comforting her which said,

‘Do not grieve, your Lord has provided a stream of water beneath you and if you shake the trunk of the palm tree fresh dates will fall on you. Eat and drink and cool your eyes and enjoy seeing your son’ this was again the voice of Jibrail (AS)

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