Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tipu Sultan (the tiger of Mysore)

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Tipu Sultan

During the late eighteenth century, Mysore was ruled by a very brave and able king. His name was Tipu Sultan.He was born in 1753.His father, Hyder Ali, was also a very able ,man who had founded a Muslim dynasty in Mysore in 1763.Before Hyder became the ruler,Mysore was a Hindu state with a Hindu Raja. While Tipu Sultan was still a boy his father became the Sultan of Mysore. Tipu was thaught the art of foghting at a very young age. He was also educated well and was taught to speak Persian fluently, as it was the court language. Hyder Ali was anxious to make his son a good soldier because Mysore at that was surrended by a number of enemies states.With so many enemies around him, Hyder Ali had to figjht two important wars against the English.Besides the English another foreign power had settled in some parts of India.They were the French. The English and the French were not friendly.During the second war Hyder Ali took the help of the French to fight against the English. Tipu also helped his father and defeated an English army in 1782. In the same year, when the war was still going on, Hyder Ali died, leaving his son Tipu Sultan to continue the struggle.  

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