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Prophet jesus in islam

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Prophet jesus in islam

Prophet jesus in islam is the messenger of Allah. Isa (AS) the son of Maryam, also called the Masih in the Quran, grew up to be a virtuous young man. Prophet isa was a soft spoken and humble person. When isa allah was nearly 30 years old, Allah began sending revelations to him instructing him to call the lost Jews back to the right way of life. Prophet Isa (AS) announced from village to village his messege of love, justice and true sincerity to Allah. As many of the Jews disbelieved his call, Allah granted him the power to create many miracles to make them believe in the powers entrusted to him.

Once he declared to a group of people, ‘I come to you with a sign from your lord’. Then he took some clay and shaped it into the form of a bird, miraculously it became a real bird and flew away. By this way the words of jesus has been expressed to the people. Prophet isa was also granted the ability to heal sick people and those who suffered blindness.

Isa allah was able to revive people thought to have just died. As he traveled around performing these miracles a few did believe him. But most people dismissed him as a magician. IT became a very difficult for Prophet Isa to carry on his mission alone. He prayed to Allah for help because most people did not believe his teachings. Therefore he began to look for disciples from amongst the people (a disciple is a person who helps another in a mission). With the added help, Prophet Isa (AS) was able to organize better gatherings and preach the religion.

Isa allah traveled far and wide with his message and preached to people all over the country. The poor people listened to him and found in the teachings hope for a better life. They got strength by being patient and humble. But the rich and powerful people turned against Isa allah. They saw in his message the seeds of revolution and were afraid of his growing popularity. So they insulted him and made life really very difficult for him and his followers, but Isa (AS) never harmed anyone and carried on his mission peacefully. Contribution of Prophet Jesus in Islam was only for Allah.  

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