Monday, November 21, 2011

The story of the birth of jesus

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The story of the birth of jesus

The story of the birth of Jesus was very important for world people, because Maryam was alone and all by herself, when her baby was born. She named him Isa as the angel had told her before. After resting and nursing the baby for sometime, she realized that she could not raise him on her own. He had to grow up in a community and learn the knowledge of his faith and people. So she decided to return home. But she wondered how she would be welcomed? How could she explain the birth of the child? All these thoughts made her miserable and she did not know what to do. But again Allah comforted her,
“Do not say anything to the people. Do not answer any question, just show them by signs that you are fasting and have vowed not to speak to any one that day and only point towards the child.”

Strengthened by Allah’s support, innocent, young Maryam picked up her baby and walked back to her people. When her relatives saw Maryam coming with a baby in her arms they were shocked and abused her. Maryam stood mute. Following Allah’s command she did not open her mouth to speak in spite of accusations and insults directed at her but instead she pointed towards the child. The people became more furious and said,
“Are you crazy? How can we talk to an infant, Maryam?”Just then to every one’s surprise the child began to speak. He said loudly,
“I am a servant of Allah, I have been sent to you with a message and the book, Injeel and He has made me a prophet. He ordered me to say my prayers and be charitable and has blessed me. He has made me to be kind to my mother and bestowed peace upon me on the day I was born, the day I die and the day I shall be raised up again.”

Everybody listened to the child in wide eyed wonder and disbelief; this was Isa (AS), the prophet of Allah. All those who had come to reproach Maryam were convinced of mother innocence and that she was only. So the story of the birth of Jesus is very important for everyone.



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