Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

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Steve Jobs

The assistant of Apple, guider of the modern technology steve jobs is no more in the world at this time. So the technological  world are very disappointed now for his absence. Stevejobs died in 5th October,2011 at age of 56. steve jobs hard and soul tried to improve all time for Apple company.His death news was published at first in the Apple website. The world leaders like Barak Obama, Rasian president, Bill gets, Mark zuckerberg and other people wounded at heart for him. His contributions of technology is shown by year.................
* 1971-- The method of Apple eventually has been started by steve jobs and his
* 1977-- The Apple is incorporated and established as the Apple computer ink.
* 1980-- A new invention by following the method of Apple (II) changed into
              Apple (III).
* 1980-- At first Apple came to the share business and in that day it increased its
              value from 22 dollars to 29 dollars.               
* 1983-- At first Apple announced the mouse controller computer of 'Lisa' in
              the world.
* 1985-- At first Apple sent little computer with interfaces. 
* 1985-- Steve jobs left the Chairman position from Apple with 70 millions of dollar 
             and established another institutions with the name of 'next computer'.  
* 1986-- Steve jobs bought 'picsar' the famous animation studio. 
* 1989-- He started the 'next computer' which is known as 'qube'.
* 1995-- The popular animation movie 'Toy story' was released from the 'picsar' 
              animation studio, which earned an amount of 190 millions of dollar.
* 1996-- The Apple company bought the next company. 
* 1997-- Steve jobs became the head officer and Chairman of Apple computer ink
              at that time.
* 1998-- Apple released 'all in one i-mad' that sold more than one lacks unit. 
* 2001-- For hearing music in 'Mad Apple' opened the system of 'i-tunes' for
              the users. 
* 2001-- Apple stared 'Chi-ta code in OSX operating system.
* 2003-- Steve jobs announced 'i-tune' music store which sold encoded music and
* 2007-- 'i-phone' was announced by steve jobs.It's the first smartphone without
* 2009-- The liver of steve jobs was changed. 
* 2010-- Apple announced the 'i-pad tablet computer for the new generation.       



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