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Muhammad (pbuh) and Khadija ®

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The fame of Muhammad (pbuh) had spread by this time throughout Arabia. Khadija, on hearing of the sincerity and truthfulness of Muhammad (pbuh) invited him to her house and requested him to take charge of her business. Muhammad (pbuh) with the consent of his venerable uncle, went to Syria in charge of Khadija’s venture. After his departure the mind of Khadija was filled up with the thought of Muhammad (pbuh). She had all this time been waiting for his arrival. In Syria, Muhammad (pbuh) made a great profit by his honesty and intelligence and added to the fortune of Khadija. When he came back and stood before her, she was much impressed by the charming personality of her agent. The noble widow was than 40 years of ages. She had been twice married and had born two sons and a daughter. The leading men of the Quraysh sought her hand in marriage but she rejected all their offers. The tender emotions excited by the visit of Muhammad (pbuh), however, overpowered her resolution. 

She wanted to marry him and the marriage was performed with the consent of his uncle. Then Muhammad (pbuh) was twenty five years. This was a happy and fortune union. Khadija fully appreciated the noble genius and commanding personality of Muhammad (pbuh). She allowed him to enjoy his leisure hours undisturbed and free from care. In moments of depression and sadness, she proved a never failing source of solace to him. Muhammad (pbuh) said later in his life that when nobody believed in his mission, Khadija believed in him, when he was friendless, she befriended him and when he was helpless, she helped him. When he was fifty, Khadija passed away from this land of living to the land of bliss. With her, he lost a faithful friend and a sincere guide. Muhammad (pbuh) three sons (Kashem, Tayeb and Taher) and four daughters (Rokeya, Zaynab, Umme Kulsum and Fatiamh) by her. All his sons died early in life. Of the daughters, only the youngest Fatimah, wife of Hazrat Ali lived to see the great events of her father’s life.

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