Sunday, November 6, 2011

Journey to Syria:

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At the age of twelve, Muhammad (pbuh) accompanied his uncle for business to Syria. There he met with a Christian saint named Bahira who took Muhammad (pbuh) for the last prophet and spoke highly of him. During this time a ‘sacrilegious war’ broke out at the fair ‘Ukaz’ in which all tribes of Arabia were involved. The Hashimites of Arabia were also engaged in the war. In one of the battles Muhammad (pbuh) attended upon his uncle Abu Talib. Muhammad (pbuh) marked the stages of the war as an observer. When he found that thousands of lives were going to be swept away by the internecine war, he formed a peace committee named Hilful-Fuzul with the help and co-operation of a band of energetic youths. The object of this committee was to maintain peace and order and to establish cordiality among the different tribes in Makkah.

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