Monday, November 7, 2011

Boycott of the Prophet by the Quraysh

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In the sixth year of Muhammad (pbuh) mission Hamza and Umar embraced Islam their conversion to Islam was a triumph for Muhammad (pbuh) and his faith. Thus when the influence of Muhammad (pbuh) began to grow day by day, the Quraysh entered into a league, in the 7th year of the mission, against the Hashemite. They proclaimed a total boycott and the Hashemite including the prophet were compelled to retire into the secluded quarter of the city, known as the Sbi’b (qurarter) of Abu Talib. During that period the Hashemites found themselves cut off from the supplies of corn and other necessaries of life. This state of affairs continued for three years. The Prophet was put to a severe test but the never lost his confidence in God.

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