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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shahrukh khans Biography

Shahrukh Khan

   Shahrukh khans Biography

Nick Name
King Khan
The King Of Romance
The King of Bollywood
The Tom Cruise of India
The Badshah of Bollywood
Commonly Known as
King khan
Date of Birth
2 November, 1965
Birth Place
New Delhi
Father’s Name
Mir Taj Mohammad
Mother’s Name
Fatima Begum
Sister’s Name
Contact Address
Mannat, Band Stand, Bandra (West),
 Mumbai 400050, India.
Masters in Mass Communication from
Jamiya Miliya Islamiya, New Delhi

Hair Color
Eye Color
Hindi, English
Marital Status
Gauri Khan

About shahrukh khan

shahrukh khan
We know bollywood king star, king khan about shahrukh khan.The year is 1991. First-time director Hema Malini looks anxious on the sets of her directorial debut, ‘Dil Aashna Hai’. The cause of her anxiety triggers laughter as it is discovered that the lady, despite employing all haircut methods on her boyish-looking hero shahrukh khan, remains unsuccessful with his unruly mop. Hema finally lets go of the boy and his effervescent hair without a crop. The film bungled at the box office. Was it due to Khan’s boisterous hair?
Today, in retrospect, it looks like it was his disheveled hair, big nose, average height and average looks that broke conventions to give birth to a new-age star. SRK’s USP were his energy, fizz and ‘dreamz unlimited’. The boy just refuses to sit idle. Says Juhi co-star and friend;

Shah Rukh went on even when others stopped due to exhaustion. He breaths films. He is down-to-earth, without an attitude. He is very friendly and has a funny sense of humor.” 

From a boy-next-door to a saleable hero, from a hero to a star, a superstar and finally a phenomenon, though there is nothing concrete to show where his prowess lay. He was plain and ordinary. It is very difficult to place fingers on a reason that enabled SRK reach where he is today. Probably his plainness was his virtue. He was never an enigma. He was guileless, without a benefactor to lead him around by his fingers. His only weapon was his willingness to work hard and professionalism.

An upfront attitude earned shahrukh khan some very valuable friends in an industry otherwise dominated by detractors and chamchas. Juhi, his co-star, close pal and now his business partner for ‘Dreamz Unlimited’ forms an integral part of the core group, that has Aziz Mirza, whom SRK is very close to, Yash Johar, Yash Chopra and their sons Karan and Aditya. In a profession where commitment towards wives and girlfriends take the backburner, SRK’s devotion towards wife Gauri has been lauded. He is probably one of the rare actors who in their entire careers did not have any romantic liaisons. One who remained a buddy to men and women alike?

The maiden’s venture of SRK’s production company bombed. He was barely recovering from the disaster with hopes pinned on his next release ‘Josh’, when the firm too failed to draw the kind of attention it was accepted to. There’s however, still time to the downward slide. SRK has too many good projects to keep him going strong. There’s ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum’. ‘Mohabbatein’,Devdaas’, and his own production ‘Ashoka’, The Great’.
For every loss there is a new hope.SRK is too full of zest to be defeated and live quietly. His will explore other avenues in films even if he ceases to be a superstar. He will continue to be there.Step by step will be included about shahrukh khan in this site.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tony Blair biography

Tony Blair

Tony Blair biography

At present Tony Blair biography is one of the parts of History. Anthony Charles Linton Blair was born on 06 May 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Blair is married to barrister Cherie Booth. They have three sons and one daughter. Tony Blair traces his political genesis to the paralysis of his father. In 1963, when Blair was 11, his father suffered a stroke while campaigning for a conservative seat in Parliament. Blair’s upbringing was privileged. His father was a law lecturer, and Blair was educated at the elite fetes college in Edinburgh before going to Oxford for law school in 1972. Blair was known as a gregarious student and as the gyrating bass guitar and lead singer for a rock band called Ugly Rumors.   

Tony Blair is the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Blair began his political career in 1983, when he was elected to the British Parliament as a member of the Labor Party. He quickly advanced to the party’s front ranks during the Conservative administration of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, when labor was in the opposition. He won the favor of labor leaders, who believed Blair’s moderate positions would receive popular support for the party.

From 1984 to 1987 Blair was opposition spokesman on treasury and economic affairs. He then moved to various posts in the departments of Trade and Industry, Energy, and Employment. In 1992 Blair was promoted again, taking charge of domestic issues in the Labor Party’s counterpart to the governing Conservative cabinet. Blair was chosen to lead the Party following the death of John Smith in 1994. Tony Blair, at 41 years old, was labor’s youngest leader ever. He soon established a reputation as a determined reformer and firm leader, confronting established factions and contentious policy issues within the party almost immediately.

Tony Blair

began working to make the party the more mainstreams, De-emphasizing its traditional ties to labor and trade unions in an effort to broaden the party’s membership. In May of 1997, Tony Blair, became the youngest British Prime Minister in almost 200 years. After taking office, Blair vowed to honor his campaign pledge to abide by national spending limits and programs established by the preceding Conservative administration. At the same time, he launched ambitious new programs aimed at building better relations with the European Union decentralizing the national government, and reforming Britain’s welfare state. In his first year in office Blair fulfilled his campaign promise to hold referendums in Scotland and Wales to decentralize powers from the British Parliament to a Scottish parliament and a Welsh assembly. In addition, Blair worked to stimulate the faltering peace talks in Northern Ireland. Buoyed by the strong performance of the British economy, Blair called general elections in June 2001. Blair led the Labor party to its second consecutive landslide victory and secured a second term as Prime Minister. 

IN government Blair has been notable for his commitment to business interests. He will probably be best remembered for the introduction of university tuition fees, and for market reforms to the NHS and social services. He has also been criticized for his attachment to media manipulation and ‘spin’. Blair also presided over the British involvement in the Kosovan war, and was the only Prime Minister of the 20th century to father a child while in office. In 1995, Tony Blair, as the new head of the Labor Party, used his new position to strike a blow to the sacred leftist Clause IV of the Labor constitution advocating the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange.

Following the September 11 attacks on the united States in 2001, which resulted in the deaths of more than 100 British citizens among the thousands of casualties, Blair pledged that the United Kingdom would stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the United Afghanistan in October, it was with the support of British naval and ground forces. In the ensuing months Blair continued to maintain his high-profile support for U.S. military action, including ongoing combat activities in Afghanistan and a possible U.S. led war against Iraq. So, Tony Blair biography is very important in the modern history.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

maryam mother of isa

maryam mother of isa

The mother of Prophet Isa (AS) was maryam whose father was called Imran and her other was called Hannah. Allah chose Imran and his family for his special blessings. maryam grew up to be a very pious and spiritual woman under the guardianship of Hazrat Zakaria (AS) who taught her of the one God…..Allah.

She spent most of her time praying in her room and devoting herself to the service of Allah. Her piety was so great that even elders respected her and took inspiration from her. The people around her knew very little of the divine truth but instead involved themselves in all kind of magic, superstition and cultural practices. The good teachings of Hazrat Musa were being twisted by the priests who were fighting amongst themselves on meaningless issues.

Most of them did not lead pious lives. Therefore, the people were losing respect for them as well as for the religion. Muslim was very upset with the overall condition of the people and would spend most of her time praying in her room and devoting herself to the service of Allah.  

how was jesus

how was jesus born ? It's very interesting and expression power of God . One day, when maryam went out of her room, she saw a man approaching her, she became nervous and terrified and immediately called out Allah’s name to protect her from the stranger. Little did she realize who the stranger was! The stranger was Hazrat Jibrail (AS), Allah’s angel, who answered,

  ‘Do not fear, I’m only a messenger from your Lord to inform you about the wonderful gift of a pure son. His name will be Isa, son of Marium. He will be given honor in this world and will be in the company of those nearest to Allah in the next world.’
As the time for the birth of her son came close, Marium packed up her few belongings and retreated to a remote and secluded place. There, she was alone, afraid and weak with hunger and thirst and crying lying under a palm tree. Then suddenly, she heard a voice comforting her which said,

‘Do not grieve, your Lord has provided a stream of water beneath you and if you shake the trunk of the palm tree fresh dates will fall on you. Eat and drink and cool your eyes and enjoy seeing your son’ this was again the voice of Jibrail (AS)

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The crucifixion of jesus ideology

The crucifixion of jesus ideology

There are many questions about the crucifixion of jesus.The return of jesus again in the world was proclaimed by the holy Quran. The jews were looking for a chance to harm isa allah. They planned and plotted against him and finally went to the Roman Governor, Pilate, to complain against the ‘young man’ who was becoming a danger to the government. They blamed him for poisoning the minds of the people against the government and against their own religion.

The Roman governor was not ready to believe anything that he heard without proof. So the rich and powerful Jews plotted thinking that if prophet isa was not stopped in time, his growing popularity among the poor people would become a threat to the government.

At last Pilate gave the order for isa allah’s arrest. It was to be done quietly to avoid public reaction or revolt. A plot was made and with the help of some insincere people, prophet isa was arrested and bought before the governor. He was against their religion and government. The punishment for treason in those days was death by crucifixion on the saleeb. The saleeb was the wooden cross to which a person was nailed and left until he bled to death.
On the insistence of the rich and powerful Jews of the land, this punishment was pronounced for isa allah. But Allah in his great mercy saved him from suffering the pain and torture and raised him to Heaven. In the Quran Allah proclaims, 

‘They boast that they killed prophet isa, the son of maryam and the prophet of God. No, they neither killed him nor were he crucified, but so it was made to appear to them,’ The Quran goes on to say, ‘Allah raised him to Himself.’

This makes it very clear that isa allah was saved by the mercy of Allah. Allah could do that because He is All-Powerful and Most Wise. It is clear that Prophet Isa is not crucified, he is raised by Allah. So Muslims believes that

the crucifixion of jesus

is not right. 

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Prophet jesus in islam

Prophet jesus in islam

Prophet jesus in islam is the messenger of Allah. Isa (AS) the son of Maryam, also called the Masih in the Quran, grew up to be a virtuous young man. Prophet isa was a soft spoken and humble person. When isa allah was nearly 30 years old, Allah began sending revelations to him instructing him to call the lost Jews back to the right way of life. Prophet Isa (AS) announced from village to village his messege of love, justice and true sincerity to Allah. As many of the Jews disbelieved his call, Allah granted him the power to create many miracles to make them believe in the powers entrusted to him.

Once he declared to a group of people, ‘I come to you with a sign from your lord’. Then he took some clay and shaped it into the form of a bird, miraculously it became a real bird and flew away. By this way the words of jesus has been expressed to the people. Prophet isa was also granted the ability to heal sick people and those who suffered blindness.

Isa allah was able to revive people thought to have just died. As he traveled around performing these miracles a few did believe him. But most people dismissed him as a magician. IT became a very difficult for Prophet Isa to carry on his mission alone. He prayed to Allah for help because most people did not believe his teachings. Therefore he began to look for disciples from amongst the people (a disciple is a person who helps another in a mission). With the added help, Prophet Isa (AS) was able to organize better gatherings and preach the religion.

Isa allah traveled far and wide with his message and preached to people all over the country. The poor people listened to him and found in the teachings hope for a better life. They got strength by being patient and humble. But the rich and powerful people turned against Isa allah. They saw in his message the seeds of revolution and were afraid of his growing popularity. So they insulted him and made life really very difficult for him and his followers, but Isa (AS) never harmed anyone and carried on his mission peacefully. Contribution of Prophet Jesus in Islam was only for Allah.  

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Monday, November 21, 2011

The story of the birth of jesus

The story of the birth of jesus

The story of the birth of Jesus was very important for world people, because Maryam was alone and all by herself, when her baby was born. She named him Isa as the angel had told her before. After resting and nursing the baby for sometime, she realized that she could not raise him on her own. He had to grow up in a community and learn the knowledge of his faith and people. So she decided to return home. But she wondered how she would be welcomed? How could she explain the birth of the child? All these thoughts made her miserable and she did not know what to do. But again Allah comforted her,
“Do not say anything to the people. Do not answer any question, just show them by signs that you are fasting and have vowed not to speak to any one that day and only point towards the child.”

Strengthened by Allah’s support, innocent, young Maryam picked up her baby and walked back to her people. When her relatives saw Maryam coming with a baby in her arms they were shocked and abused her. Maryam stood mute. Following Allah’s command she did not open her mouth to speak in spite of accusations and insults directed at her but instead she pointed towards the child. The people became more furious and said,
“Are you crazy? How can we talk to an infant, Maryam?”Just then to every one’s surprise the child began to speak. He said loudly,
“I am a servant of Allah, I have been sent to you with a message and the book, Injeel and He has made me a prophet. He ordered me to say my prayers and be charitable and has blessed me. He has made me to be kind to my mother and bestowed peace upon me on the day I was born, the day I die and the day I shall be raised up again.”

Everybody listened to the child in wide eyed wonder and disbelief; this was Isa (AS), the prophet of Allah. All those who had come to reproach Maryam were convinced of mother innocence and that she was only. So the story of the birth of Jesus is very important for everyone.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The prophet of allah

The Prophet of Allah is the religious view of Islam. The Quran is the complete and final message of Allah to mankind. However it is not the first or the only message. Islam to teach us that Allah has sent his messengers or prophets to this earth many times to carry his message and to show man the right way. These prophets spoke about Allah the creator, as the One and Only God, His commands, His laws, His mercy and compassion and tried to guide their people correctly. However each time people forgot the message of Allah and drew away from His teachings.

The Quran mentions some twenty five prophets who brought the message of Allah to mankind. It also teaches us to believe in these prophets in Arabic and as the are known in English and few of their Holy Books are given below……

Arabic Name
English Name
Hazrat Adam (AS)
Hazrat Nuh (AS)
Hazrat Yusuf (AS)
Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
Hazrat Ishaq (AS)
Hazrat Ismail (AS)
Hazrat Yaqub (AS)
Hazrat Musa (AS)
Hazrat Dawood (AS)
Hazrat Sulayman (AS)
Hazrat Yunus (AS)
The Last Prophet

Step by step will be included the list and history of Prophet of Allah.

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Monday, November 14, 2011


The Mauryan Dynasty

In 321 BC the Mauryan dynasty began in the Ganges civilization. An Aryan king conquered most of India and ruled over a great empire. In 268 BC his grandson, Asoka, became king. By this time all India was in the Mauryan empire except the south and Kalinga on the east coast.

Asoka (268-231 BC)

Asoka was one of the greatest kings of all time. He was born a Hindu. Asoka defeated the kalingans in a terrible war. 100 000 men were killed and 150 000 became prisoners. Many hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. Asoka was vwry sad when he saw all this suffering. He decided to rule his empire with peace and kindness and not by war and cruelty. Asoka became a Buddhist.

Asoka helps the people

Asoka ordered roads to be made all over his empire, and trees to be planted to give shade for travelers. Shelters were built and wells dug for them. Monks grew herbs to make medicines and took care of the poor and the old people. Asoka’s men dug many canals to water the fields. His craftsmen painted pictures and made statues. It was a time of great peace and happiness. Asoka sent monks to other parts of India and South-east Asia to teach people about Budda. He wanted to spread Buddhism to other countries.

The struggle between Buddhism and Hinduism

After Asoka died in 231 BC the Mauryan Kings were very week. The last king was murdered in 184 BC and the dynasty ended. Much of India went back to the Hindu religion. The new kings killed many Buddhist monks. This helped the Hindu priests in their struggle against Buddhism. However, Buddhism was still very strong outside India. The map above shows you where Buddhism became important in Asia. At one time most of the people in the lands coloured grey on the map above were Buddist. Today Buddhism is very strong in the areas coloured purple.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The rise and fall of Julius Caesar

The man who did most to make Rome great was Julius Caesar. He was a nobleman, a lawyer and a politician. Above all he was a great army leader. Julius Caesar planned many of the battles which won land for Rome. Julius Caesar wrote books about how to win battles. Many of these books are still read by soldiers today.

The life of Julius Caesar

In 59 BC Julius Caesar was made a consul in Rome. From 58 to 49 BC he led the Roman
Armies and conquered present-day France, Belgium and parts of Switzerland. In 55 and 54 BC he invaded England but did not try to conquer it. His victories made the Roman people like him more and more. Julius Caesar was the most important politician in Rome.

Some nobles were jealous because Julius Caesar was so successful. Others believed it was bad for one man to have so much power. Many nobles got together to fight Julius Caesar. The nobles had armies in many countries. But Caesar’s soldiers beat them all one by one.

Julius Caesar was now the most powerful man in Rome. He did many good things for the people. He made some good laws. In 46 BC the Senate made him dictator for ten years.
In 44 BC they said he could be dictator for the rest of his life and could say who was to follow him. He was not king, because the Romans would not have kings. But he ruled Rome like a king.

The murder of Julius Caesar

Some nobles thought that Julius Caesar was too powerful and would take away their freedom. In 44 BC a group of them stabbed him to death in the Senate House. The murderers were led by Caesar’s best friend, Brutus.

Octavius and Mark Anthony

The nobles thought that everything would be all right when Julius Caesar was dead. But they soon quarreled among themselves. Julius Caesar’s nephew, Octavius, and Julius Caesar’s friend, Mark Anthony, got an army and fought themselves. They killed the murderers and shared the Roman Empire between themselves.
But then Octavius and Mark Anthony quarreled. Mark Anthony killed himself when Octavius defeated him in a great sea battle in 31 BC.


By 27 BC Octavius was the most powerful man in Rome. The Senate made him ‘Augustus’ which means ‘The Highest One’. He was also given the title ‘Prince’. People pretended that Rome was still ruled by the Senate (and therefore a republic) but really Augustus was an emperor, for he had all the power. He made Rome strong, rich and peaceful. When he died in AD 14 the empire was beginning its greatest time. The month of August is named after Augustus, and July after Julius Caesar.


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