Monday, November 7, 2011

People of Taif rejected him

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So long as Abu Talib was alive, the Quraysh dared not to any harm to him. But the mighty hand was then removed and the enemy began to re-double their persecution. Yet he did not think for a single moment of leaving the land of his birth. He felt confident that the peninsula must some day be awaken to the truth of Islam. The conviction that his mortal enemies would one day bee his devoted friends was deeply seated in his heart. At last the deadly enmity of the Quraysh forced him to turn his attention of Taif where, he hoped, people might listen to him. For ten days he stayed there delivering his message to them. Though many influential men came at his call, no hopeful impression was made. He was ignominiously expelled from the city. While he was returning to Makkah, they followed the prophet and pelted him with stones till his very shoes were reddened with blood.  

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