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Childhood of Muhammad (pbuh)

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Map at the time of Muhammad (pbuh) born

Birth of Muhammad (pbuh)

Family tree of Muhammad (pbuh)

The widowed Aminah gave birth to a son on Monday, the 29th August (12th Rabi-ul-Awwal), 570 A.D. The child was named Muhammad (pbuh) by his grandfather Abdul Muttalib and Ahmad by his mother Amina. Both these names are mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Halima entrusted with the charge of Muhammad (pbuh) 

According to the custom of Arabia, the charge of the child’s upbringing was entrusted to Halima, a women of the Banu Sa’sd. Muhammad (pbuh) began to grow up in the lap of Halima. For five years he had to live with her among the Banu Sa’d. During these five years his speech was formed upon one of the purest models of the beautiful language of the peninsula. As such, it was his pride in after days to say,
‘Verily, I am the most perfect Arab amongst you; my descent is from the Quraysh and my tongue is the tongue of the Banu Sa’d’.
Muhammad (pbuh) ever detained a greatful impression of the kindness of the Banu Sa’d. He had the highest respect and regard for Halima and did not fail to show it when the later visited him after his marriage with Khadija.

Death of Aminah

In the sixth year of his life Muhammad (pbuh) was sent to the care of his mother. The noble lady, in order to show her boy to the maternal relatives of his father, set out for Madinah along with her slave girl. Arriving at Madinah she alighted at the house where her husband had died and been buried. But on their way back to Mecca, they reached a place named al-Abwa where Aminah fell sick and died. After her burial there the orphan was carried back to Mecca by Umm Aiman who was a faithful nurse of the child.

Death of Abdul Muttalib

In his seventh year, Muhammad (pbuh) began to feel the desolation of the orphan state. The charge of the orphan was then undertaken by Abdul Muttalib whose guardianship lasted only two years. By this Muhammad (pbuh) lost his parents and grandfather at a very tender age.

Muhammad (pbuh) under Abu Talib

After Abdul Muttalib, the sole charge of the orphan was placed on his uncle, Abu Talib who faithfully and kindly discharged his duties. His fondness for the lad was so great that he made him sleep by his bed, eat by his side and go with him whenever he walked abroad. This tender treatment was continued till he emerged from the helplessness of childhood. As his uncle was not solvent, Muhammad (pbuh) had to work for his bread. He had often to tend flock of sleep and herd of camels on the neighboring hills and valleys. From his childhood his sensitive nature was alive to the sufferings of the poor and the distressed. Muhammad (pbuh) was of a meditative turn of mind and loved solitude. Sweet and amiable in nature, he was honored and loved by his own people. His strict adherence to truth, his scrupulous honesty, unflinching faith and stern sense of duty earned for him the title of Al-Amin, ‘The Trusry’  

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