Monday, November 7, 2011

Emigration to Abyssinia:

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First Emigration to Abyssinia:

Inhuman oppression and torture on the Muslims touched the tender heart of the prophet who advised his followers to seek shelter in a foreign land. Abyssinia was well-known at Makkah as a mart for the goods of Arabia. In the 7th month of the 5th year of Muhammad’s (pbuh) mission, eleven men and women including Uthman and his wife set out for Abyssinia. The emigrants were cordially received by the king of Abyssinia. When the Quraysh leaders heard this, they followed them. But the emigrants had already gone beyond their reach. There upon the chiefs of the Quraysh sent delegation to the king of Abyssinia with a requwst to expel the Muslims from his kingdom. Najjashi, the king of Abyssinia heard both the sides and was highly impressed by the ideal of the Muslims. He allowed the Muslims to live there peacefully. The Quraysh delegation went back to Makkah unsuccessfully.     

Second Emigration to Abyssinia:

After staying two months in Abyssinia, the emigrants came back to Makkah. The Quraysh became jealous of the gradual success of Islam and they now began to redouble their persecution on th Muslims. The prophet again advised his followers to take refuge in Abyssinia. The number on this occasion was 101, of which 18 were women. 

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