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The crucifixion of jesus ideology

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The crucifixion of jesus ideology

There are many questions about the crucifixion of jesus.The return of jesus again in the world was proclaimed by the holy Quran. The jews were looking for a chance to harm isa allah. They planned and plotted against him and finally went to the Roman Governor, Pilate, to complain against the ‘young man’ who was becoming a danger to the government. They blamed him for poisoning the minds of the people against the government and against their own religion.

The Roman governor was not ready to believe anything that he heard without proof. So the rich and powerful Jews plotted thinking that if prophet isa was not stopped in time, his growing popularity among the poor people would become a threat to the government.

At last Pilate gave the order for isa allah’s arrest. It was to be done quietly to avoid public reaction or revolt. A plot was made and with the help of some insincere people, prophet isa was arrested and bought before the governor. He was against their religion and government. The punishment for treason in those days was death by crucifixion on the saleeb. The saleeb was the wooden cross to which a person was nailed and left until he bled to death.
On the insistence of the rich and powerful Jews of the land, this punishment was pronounced for isa allah. But Allah in his great mercy saved him from suffering the pain and torture and raised him to Heaven. In the Quran Allah proclaims, 

‘They boast that they killed prophet isa, the son of maryam and the prophet of God. No, they neither killed him nor were he crucified, but so it was made to appear to them,’ The Quran goes on to say, ‘Allah raised him to Himself.’

This makes it very clear that isa allah was saved by the mercy of Allah. Allah could do that because He is All-Powerful and Most Wise. It is clear that Prophet Isa is not crucified, he is raised by Allah. So Muslims believes that

the crucifixion of jesus

is not right. 

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