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Tony Blair biography

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Tony Blair

Tony Blair biography

At present Tony Blair biography is one of the parts of History. Anthony Charles Linton Blair was born on 06 May 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Blair is married to barrister Cherie Booth. They have three sons and one daughter. Tony Blair traces his political genesis to the paralysis of his father. In 1963, when Blair was 11, his father suffered a stroke while campaigning for a conservative seat in Parliament. Blair’s upbringing was privileged. His father was a law lecturer, and Blair was educated at the elite fetes college in Edinburgh before going to Oxford for law school in 1972. Blair was known as a gregarious student and as the gyrating bass guitar and lead singer for a rock band called Ugly Rumors.   

Tony Blair is the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Blair began his political career in 1983, when he was elected to the British Parliament as a member of the Labor Party. He quickly advanced to the party’s front ranks during the Conservative administration of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, when labor was in the opposition. He won the favor of labor leaders, who believed Blair’s moderate positions would receive popular support for the party.

From 1984 to 1987 Blair was opposition spokesman on treasury and economic affairs. He then moved to various posts in the departments of Trade and Industry, Energy, and Employment. In 1992 Blair was promoted again, taking charge of domestic issues in the Labor Party’s counterpart to the governing Conservative cabinet. Blair was chosen to lead the Party following the death of John Smith in 1994. Tony Blair, at 41 years old, was labor’s youngest leader ever. He soon established a reputation as a determined reformer and firm leader, confronting established factions and contentious policy issues within the party almost immediately.

Tony Blair

began working to make the party the more mainstreams, De-emphasizing its traditional ties to labor and trade unions in an effort to broaden the party’s membership. In May of 1997, Tony Blair, became the youngest British Prime Minister in almost 200 years. After taking office, Blair vowed to honor his campaign pledge to abide by national spending limits and programs established by the preceding Conservative administration. At the same time, he launched ambitious new programs aimed at building better relations with the European Union decentralizing the national government, and reforming Britain’s welfare state. In his first year in office Blair fulfilled his campaign promise to hold referendums in Scotland and Wales to decentralize powers from the British Parliament to a Scottish parliament and a Welsh assembly. In addition, Blair worked to stimulate the faltering peace talks in Northern Ireland. Buoyed by the strong performance of the British economy, Blair called general elections in June 2001. Blair led the Labor party to its second consecutive landslide victory and secured a second term as Prime Minister. 

IN government Blair has been notable for his commitment to business interests. He will probably be best remembered for the introduction of university tuition fees, and for market reforms to the NHS and social services. He has also been criticized for his attachment to media manipulation and ‘spin’. Blair also presided over the British involvement in the Kosovan war, and was the only Prime Minister of the 20th century to father a child while in office. In 1995, Tony Blair, as the new head of the Labor Party, used his new position to strike a blow to the sacred leftist Clause IV of the Labor constitution advocating the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange.

Following the September 11 attacks on the united States in 2001, which resulted in the deaths of more than 100 British citizens among the thousands of casualties, Blair pledged that the United Kingdom would stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the United Afghanistan in October, it was with the support of British naval and ground forces. In the ensuing months Blair continued to maintain his high-profile support for U.S. military action, including ongoing combat activities in Afghanistan and a possible U.S. led war against Iraq. So, Tony Blair biography is very important in the modern history.

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