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Why was Alexander hanged?

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Why was Alexander hanged?

Why was Alexander hanged? It has some reasons. In nineteenth century Russia was ruled by Russian emperor, who was called the ‘Tsar’. His speech was laws. Everybody was obliged to obey his order. In his reign people was not so good. At that time comes the Lenin hero. His brother was Alexander. After passing final examinations with top marks and a gold medal, Alexander left home to enter the University at St. Petersburg. In a letter to his sister a few months later, he wrote, ‘I am in good health. I am living as before. I work in the laboratory until six o’clock. The evenings I spend mostly at home’. 

He was a lonely boy. The other boys teased him as a dreamer. But he soon came to take a great interest in politics. He did not like the way the Tsar’s police arrested students on suspicion, and seized their letters in the mail. In 1887 some students formed a group and planned to kill the Tsar. Alexander joined the group. He was asked to prepare a statement for the people and make the bombs. But a few days before the date they had set for killing the Tsar, They were all arrested. Alexander faced the trial bravery. He took the responsibility entirely upon himself to save his comrades. He was sentenced to death, and hanged on 8 May. 


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