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Colin Powell-Former US Foreign Secretary

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Colin Powell-Former US Foreign Secretary 

Colin Powell
Colin Powell was born on 05 April 1937 in New York. Colin Powell was born to Jamaican immigrant parents Luther and Maud and was raised in the South Bronx area of New York.
He was educated in the public school system of New York City, before attending City College of New York, where he studied for a bachelor’s degree in Geology. Colin Powell also obtained a Masters in Business Administration from George Washington University.

On graduating he became a commissioned second lieutenant in the United States Army, and spent two tours of duty in Vietnam. During his thirty-five year military career, Powell reached the rank of four-star general.He was also assistant to the President for National Security from 1987-89, as well as being appointed the twelfth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-the highest position within the Department of Defense. During his time in this role, Powell oversaw many campaigns aboard, including the successful Operation Desert Storm, in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. He retired from the army in 1993 a well-decorated soldier.

Colin Powell
After retiring, Colin Powell published his autobiography ‘My Armenian Journey’, as well as appearing around America and aboard as a public speaker.In 2001, George W. Bush selected Colin Powell to be his Secretary of State, and he became the first African-American to take the position.Colin Powell is also heavily involved in charity work, especially for those charities aiming to help children. He has been the chairman of ‘America’s Promise’-an organization intended to increase the investment made by the United States in their youth.

Colin Powell is married to Alma Vivien Johnson, and the couple has three children; a son Michael, and two daughters Linda and Anne-Marie.  



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